The Greatest Love of All

The Greatest Love of All

Posted by G.U.S on Jan 10th 2023

Together, in 1977, Linda Creed and Michael Masser wrote the song The Greatest Love of All. Creed wrote the lyrics in the midst of her struggle with breast cancer. The song was recorded in 1977 by American artist, George Benson, and become a national hit. In 1985 the song was re-recorded by Whitney Houston and become a global smash.

“The words describe her feelings about coping with great challenges that one must face in life, being strong during those challenges whether you succeed or fail, and passing that strength on to children to carry with them into their adult lives. Creed eventually succumbed to the disease in April 1986 at the age of 37.”

We at Global Unity Sphere, or GUS as we like to call it, believe the world is currently struggling with a great challenge, unity. We also strongly believe in The Greatest Love of All’s opening sentiments, that the children are our future and if we just teach them well, they will lead the way. By partnering the desire for unity with the visual, tactile and social opportunity crayons represent, we hope to teach the children well and let them go forward and lead the way to global unity.

The world is filled with people whose skin comes in many beautiful colors and just like the world, the Global Unity Sphere is filled with many beautiful colors. Together, those beautiful colors provide an opportunity for an amazing outcome. No one color is more important than another. After all, in the end, just like in the Global Unity Sphere, we are all just crayons.